December 11, 2019

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There’s Absolutely no Reason why MS Dhoni Shouldn’t be an Inspiration

There’s Absolutely no Reason why MS Dhoni Shouldn’t be an Inspiration

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By: Tarish Bhatt


MS Dhoni is probably the best captain India have ever had. But more than that, he is possibly the best person one can ever come across. Humble, cool as a cucumber and at the same time an inspiration to the millions.

Indian Cricket Team’s most successful captain is known to accept defeats gracefully. Be it the World T20 final or the semifinal exit from the 2015 World Cup in Australia, Dhoni has always maintained the cool.

Bollywood actor, Rohit Roy recalled one of his meetings with Dhoni, when he was playing for Chennai Super Kings. Chennai had lost the match in Jaipur, but what made the meeting so memorable? Read on.

“After the match, I went with a couple of guys to meet Mahi in his room and he was sitting relaxed,” Roy recalled the meeting. “I thought that we would be a little less cheerful or despondent.”

“Out of curiosity, I asked him how was he so composed. To which he said, ‘Winning and losing is a part of everyone’s journey. If I don’t lose today, I won’t enjoy the win tomorrow.'”

“‘So instead of moping about something that has already happened I’d rather focus on what’s coming’. Now although it’s nothing I hadn’t heard before, but hearing it from a champ like him made it a little more impactful.”

“Also made it clear why he is captain cool. I must admit it changed my thought process a bit for the better.”

After reading this, it won’t be wrong in saying that there is absolutely no reason why the man from Ranchi shouldn’t be an inspiration. We should all learn from him how to accept defeats with grace.

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