April 16, 2024

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About Us

The game of cricket is such that it engages everyone through the action that unfolds on the field! It enjoys a massive fan following in every format, whether it is the chess like strategy of a Test match, the gripping action of an ODI or the frenetic pace of a T20, fans just can’t get enough.

Thus, we have created an intriguing concept of uniting cricket, cricketers and their followers on one platform. Drcricket7 aims at providing in-depth analysis, match commentaries, post & pre-match reports, breaking news and exclusive information.

When it comes to cricket and cricketers, be it on the field or off the field, you need to look no further! Drcricket7 is presented to you as a ONE STOP SHOP to quench your thirst for the game and keep you cricket fit.

Drcricket7 is committed in connecting people and communities through their love for cricket! We have created a platform to reach out to millions of fans, who are not only passionate about the sport but are also hungry for information on their favourite cricketers.

Cricketers use this platform to communicate with their fans by giving them access to insights into their personal lives. Through Drcricket7 we shall provide all cricket enthusiasts a unique experience by giving them exclusive information and insights beyond mainstream media and social channels.

We aim at creating an unparalleled and meaningful experience for all cricket fans.

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