BFI: MS Dhoni dazzles Buddh International Circuit

A motorsports enthusiast and an avid biker, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to dazzle the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), after his second Champions League T20 triumph, during the finale of the Bike Festival of India (BFI).

The Indian captain spend most of his time looking at vintage and sports bikes, before taking a lap of the circuit with a group of other bikers. When Dhoni last visited BIC, he zoomed the track in his hellcat but this time he stuck to Yamaha R1.

“It was a great experience to be here,” Dhoni said. “I could not take my eyes off some of the machines on display. I wanted people to see how my bike is different from theirs. You can’t try these powerful bikes on the road so to be able to see them and know about them is fantastic thing for me.”

The spectators present at the BFI also got a chance to appreciate MS Dhoni’s price possessions, which are there on one of the garages, while the Dhoni was admiring the bikes as old as 100 years.

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