September 21, 2019

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India vs England: Dew Factor Can’t be Eliminated

India vs England: Dew Factor Can’t be Eliminated

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By: Tarish Bhatt

Ravichandran Ashwin

Dew factor can’t be eliminated from a cricket match in India. It can only be minimised is what the Indian cricket board feels. “If the conditions is windy or cloudy, there is no reason to worry about dew.”

“If the weather is clear, chances of dew increases. BCCI has taken several steps to minimise the factor,” a senior functionary of BCCI told Drcricket7 on Thursday.

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For starters, BCCI has given anti-dew spray to the all curators for the England ODI and T20 series. There is also a standard facility of moping the field with the help of rope, besides using the super-sopper to dry the field.

“Even the match officials can stop the game if they feel that the dew factor is affecting the game. The fielding side can also raise objection and halt the proceedings,” the official explained.

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To ensure that dew factor don’t play a massive impact on the game, BCCI has also preponed matches’ timing.

“This isn’t new to Indian cricket. Even earlier, the board had to reschedule the timing of the matches to minimise the dew factor during international games involving India,” the official added.

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