Know Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Mantra of Success!

Know Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Mantra of Success!

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By: Tarish Bhatt

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is India’s most successful cricket captain. He has successfully achieved everything which was there to win for him at the international stage. World T20, World Cup, Champions Trophy…you name it.

During an event in Chennai recently, Dhoni revealed his success mantra on being asked one of the attendees.

“Success is about being honest to yourself,” Dhoni pointed out. “Putting in the hardwork and at the same time looking to execute what the plans are. You have to get active because it doesn’t always go as plan.”

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“It doesn’t really matter if it is business or sport or any other field,” he added. “When you plan something you think that’s the plan to go forward. I always tell people not to think about the result.”

Dhoni also pointed out the need of innovation while having a right plan to achieve success.

“You get results because of the plans and the execution of the plans,” Dhoni pointed out. “What’s more important is to have the right kind of plans, and innovate when it’s needed.”

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