How the Indian finalists fared post ICC World Cup 2011

How the Indian finalists fared post ICC World Cup 2011

As far as Indian cricketing folklore go, the 2011 World Cup final triumph is one to be remembered. 1983 was cherished for its sheer element of surprise. Contrarily, 2011 was a meticulous execution by a side playing at home, giving it their all to adhere to a billion odd expectations. They had jitters early on in the tournament. They messed up at Nagpur against a resurgent Dale Steyn, barely scraped to a tie against England and had embarrassing hiccups of absent domination against the Dutch in Delhi.

However, when it came to the crucial stages of the tournament, everyone stepped up to deliver the goods in a way they knew best. The bowling turned into a cohesive unit rather than flashes of individual brilliance, the batsmen accommodated into their specialized roles in the line-up and the side fielding like their lives depended on it. Maybe they did.

Once the valiant Australians were vanquished in the quarter-final, the Pakistanis overcome in the semi-final and the talismanic Sri Lankans outplayed in the historic encounter at Wankhede Stadium, it seemed that an ageing side had a price to pay for its sustained intensity. As individuals, most of the players saw their career nearing an end or go towards fluctuations post the final. Let us see how the playing XI of the final fared in the window after the 2011 World Cup final.

Former and current captains of the men in blue, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli shine among a group of players whose performances declined after emerging triumphant in the biggest cricket contest of their lives.


Matches: 16; Runs: 513; Average: 34.2; Strike Rate: 108.45; 1×100, 1×50; High Score: 219


Matches: 10; Runs: 315; Average: 31.5; Strike Rate: 81.39; 1×100, 0x50; High Score: 114


Matches: 33; Runs: 1165; Average: 36.4; Strike Rate: 81.52; 2×100, 9×50; High Score: 102


Matches: 162; Runs: 8278; Average: 65.18; Strike Rate: 95.84; 33×100, 35×50; High Score: 183


Matches: 146; Runs: 4124; Average: 52.2; Strike Rate: 88.42; 3×100, 29×50; High Score: 139*


Matches: 30; Runs: 650; Average: 27.08; Strike Rate: 88.79; 1×100, 3×50; High Score: 150


Matches: 111; Runs: 2902; Average: 34.96; Strike Rate: 97.21; 2×100, 20×50; High Score: 110*


Matches: 10; Wickets: 14; Bowling Average: 30.64; Economy Rate: 4.39; 0x5; Best Bowling: 3/32


Matches: 9; Wickets: 9; Bowling Average: 47.44; Economy Rate: 5.33; 0x5; Best Bowling: 2/39


Matches: 8; Wickets: 10; Bowling Average: 32.00; Economy Rate: 5.64; 0x5; Best Bowling: 3/35


Did not play after the final.


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