April 16, 2024

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ICC World Cup Trophy reached Kolkata

ICC World Cup Trophy reached Kolkata

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy was on display yesterday in Kolkata. It was a part of the nine cities in the country that will exhibit the trophy. The silverware in all its glory, being exhibited in malls across the major cities, is bound to induce excitement among fans. The Trophy Tour will encompass the country in 23 days as the “most connected Trophy Tour ever”. The regular Indian Test wicket-keeper and Kolkata local Wriddhiman Saha was present at the display.

While the tours across the world are often conducted in picturesque venues and exotic locations, the ones in India are being held in popular malls across the country. This is in a bid to make the events more inclusive for the fans. They will have photograph opportunities along with the chance to interact with cricketers. Saha indulged in mixing with the fans and an amicable advertisement of the sport was put up.

The twelfth iteration of the World Cup will be held in England for the fifth time and for the first time in this century. Commencing on May 30, 2019, as hosts and hot favorites England take on the ever enterprising South Africa. The tournament will be played in a round robin format for the first time since 1992 and will provide each of the ten teams to tip the scales in their favor through consistency.

However, the format has come under much flak for missing a chance to expand the sport. But the reduction in number of teams will ensure competitive cricket throughout the series and each match will have its own implications in the longer run of determining who wins the much coveted silverware.

The hosts are tipped the highest to win the trophy for the first time, with India running closely behind them. For the first time since 1987, Australia will enter the tournament with the odds of a triumph heavily stacked against them. Expect New Zealand and Pakistan to be present in their usual attire of the dark horses while Afghanistan and Bangladesh could slay some giants on their own to disturb the tournament dynamics.

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