April 16, 2024

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Delhi Daredevils’ Play-off Chances are now Over

Delhi Daredevils’ Play-off Chances are now Over

By: Drcricket7 Staff

Delhi Daredevils

He was outstanding as a batsman and by the time he retired from all formats of the game, he was hailed as one of the best India had produced. But Rahul Dravid’s stint as mentor with the Delhi Daredevils hasn’t been that impressive.

After a mediocre last year where Delhi began very promisingly and ran out of steam in the business end of the tournament. This year too, Delhi are suffering the same fate. Their top-order has delivered in patches.

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Even Delhi’s bowling was one of the best in the tournament, but it is of no use if the batsmen don’t have runs on the board. Therefore, winning a game or a tournament can’t happen till the batsman compliment bowlers and vice versa.

This is also here that a mentor like Dravid would be useful for the Daredevils. The kind of experience he has, it is time that the former Indian captain shares all his experiences he had during his playing days.

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With Delhi’s chance of making it to the play-off stages is as good as over. This is the time Dravid should teach his team to keep the head high without doubting one’s ability. If the team still fails, it should be taken as an opportunity.

But the main problem may come from the team promoters who would naturally have a result-oriented approach. Because this IPL thing is a business for them. That is why Dravid has a much bigger role than that of a mentor.

He has to ensure that the team spirit isn’t affected due to a humiliating defeat like the one they had against the King on Sunday. The Daredevils have to move on and prove their worth!

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