November 15, 2019

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Virat Kohli: ‘Friendship Comments’ Blown Out of Proportion

Virat Kohli: ‘Friendship Comments’ Blown Out of Proportion

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By: Tarish Bhatt

Virat Kohli

After the series win over Australia, the Indian captain Virat Kohli delivered a volatile press conference. Kohli had insisted that after the hard-fought series his perspective have changed. And he is no longer friends with the Aussies.

Kohli’s change of perspective likely to have come after a number of heated arguments between the two side. He, however, has now insisted that his comments in the presser have been blown out of proportion.

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“My answer at the post match conference has been blown way out of proportion,” Kohli said in a series of Tweets.

“I did not categorically say the whole Australian team but only a couple of individuals,” he added. “I continue to be in good terms with the few guys I know and who I’ve played with at RCB and that doesn’t change.”

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Before the 1st Test, Kohli had said that he knows a number of Aussie players. He, meanwhile, had insisted that he is aware “where to draw the line of friendship”. And insisted that friendship doesn’t matter on the field.

“As I said, in the heat of the battle you want to be competitive but I’ve been proven wrong,” Kohli had said. “The thing I said before the first Test, that has certainly changed and you won’t hear me say that ever again.”

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