Coach not Captain, Must be the Team Boss

Coach not Captain, Must be the Team Boss

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By: Vaishali Mehta

Virat Kohli

Anil Kumble’s resignation as India Cricket Team’s coach has tormented the team. The reason behind his departure was the team players, specially captain, Virat Kohli, who didn’t approve his coaching style.

Kohli is arguably the greatest Indian batsman no doubt. His job is ti  He is the one who is appreciated if the team does well. And, be will be the one whose effigies would be burnt if the performs bad.

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As a captain of a sporting event he is the player first and foremost. The only exceptional case is of Mike Bearley, who captained England during the seventies. He was considered a good enough batsman to have walked into the team.

“The captain’s duty should be to ensure that the plan is enacted the way the coach wants the same to be enacted,” Sudhir Bisht wrote in his column.

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He also said that he read Captain Kohli was not happy with Coach Kumble’s style. A difference of opinion is natural when two giants work together on a project. And there is no clarity on role and responsibilities.

He added, “I wish Kumble works returns and work again with Kohli, in predefined role.”

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