August 26, 2019

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10 Best Quotes of MS Dhoni on India

10 Best Quotes of MS Dhoni on India

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By: Tarish Bhatt

It is difficult to describe someone like MS Dhoni in words, he is someone who believes in doing, rather than showing off. He remains tough on the field and cool as a cucumber under intense pressure.

MS Dhoni is more than just a cricketer, but he is also someone who is an inspiration to millions.  Some quotes of MS Dhoni is enough to know how much he loves India, and country is his top priority.

Here are 10 Best Quotes of MS Dhoni on India

1.) “I would like to serve actively in the Army only after cricket”


2.) “Once my cricket career is over, I would definitely like to serve in the Army”


3.) “For me there is not anything bigger than representing my country”


4.) “No matter how much money you earn in your life but the feeling of representing your country can not be compared with it”


5.) “Saffron in tri-colour describes to me courage, energy and passion to do things”


6.) “without any motion or movement, there is no life”


7.) “They too have their families like us but still they are serving our nation”


8.) “For me, everything is special about my country”


9.) “Indian Army, Indian Cricket Team have the unity in diversity factor”


10.) “There are not many people who have the privilege of representing their country”


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